Who is Robert E. Drane

Robert E. Drane or Bob as he is called among friends, family, and colleagues, has provided all materials and writing for the organization Road to The Civil War. Bob has also created a non-profit around Road to The Civil War in hopes of providing free and accessible information on early American history.

Our Author – Robert E. Drane

headshot/portrait of Robert E. Drane Robert E. Drane

After earning an MA Degree in Literature from the University of Wisconsin – Madison , Bob Drane embarked on a 35 year corporate career between Quaker Oats and Oscar Mayer . He became a recognized leader in new product development, leading the team that invented the Lunchables © brand and teaching Innovation for over a decade in the UW Graduate School of Business. After retiring his interest turned to studying and writing about early American history and also collecting original 19th century photographs.

Bob is a published author, working with Tree of Life Consulting & Publishing to publish his first book “Prelude to Civil War”, which is available for free on our website and with hard copies soon to be available for purchase. Bob has also spent time guest writing for various newspapers such as the Wisconsin State Journal and historic societies such as the Wisconsin Veterans Museum. Bob still continues to write, having just completed two books in his “Restored to Light” series, which focuses further on 19th-century American History. Bob also writes blog posts on our website every week and still does guest writing on early American History.