If you arrive at the Homepage with a specific question in mind, you can go directly to the SEARCH window and relevant links will appear.  

Otherwise simply SCROLL down the Homepage for a quick overview of what’s available on the site, and some “thought-starters” of possible interest:

  • First comes a history book, Prelude to Civil War, which tells the story of key events and people shaping America between 1607 and 1861.
  • To be joined soon by two “picture books:” American Life in the 1800’s, visualizing the history in photographs and 14 ethnographic themes; and The Civil War and Other Military Conflicts, which focuses on the battles and soldiers who fought in combat.
  • This Week in American History: a rotating look at the people or events that captured newspaper headlines throughout the antebellum years.
  • Exploratory Topics: a few examples of the kinds of research you might pursue on the site.
  • Student Topics: 10-20 thought-starters for research projects and papers plus a suggested list of book chapters to read on each.
  • Contributors: how the site was developed and the team that did the work.
  • The 501c3 Non-Profit: its mission and plan for sustainability.
  • Finally, please see the extensive annotated Bibliographies which provide the bases for all of the site content.